I am Somebody / Ich bin Jemand / Eu sou Alguém / Soy Alguien

Who am I and who are you in the grand scheme of the universe. Do you even matter? I have not invented anything that will change the course of the World. Have you? Just because you have a voice and a venue to use it online does not mean you are somebody. Just because you have an increasing amount of followers does not make you somebody. You can only be yourself. And I am fine with that. Are you? I am nobody and so are you.

You like to tell people all the things you have done as if it actually means something. But it is just a story. Part of the story of your life. But you are just one of billions of stories. And you do not know the other ones. So how did you get this notion that you are somebody? You might think you are one-of-a-kind, but I am sorry  you are not. There are others just like you. There are others who have your opinions. There are others who think just like you. You just do not know them. And you may never meet them.

There are people way smarter than you. There are people that you are way smarter than. There are people who share your exact IQ. But they may not look like you or act like you. But they are like you. Because you are not as unique as you think you are. Maybe it makes you feel good to call yourself somebody. But that does not mean you are sombeody. So, are you somebody or are you nobody?

At the end of the day, I do not care what our life looks like, I do not care what our pursuits maybe. We all have that desire, that desire to be somebody.

If you take a look at the universe, being somebody is the same as being nobody. The majority of the universe does not even know you exist. They do not know what you do. They do not know your lunch preferences. They do not know what your face looks like. So, how are you somebody? And if you are, how is that different than being nobody to the rest of the universe?

Your parents told you that they want you to be someone. But were you not someone then? Were you not always somebody? Sometimes we are nobody to the people we love the most. Because they do not understand us. And that is how it feels. Until they get it. And then suddenly we are somebody again in their eyes, when we were the same body the whole time.

It does not mean you can not make a difference. It does not mean you can not do wonderful things. It does not mean your good deeds do not mean anything. But it means that constantly looking for appreciation for what you do, who you are, will not get you anywhere.

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