I forgive it All / Ich vergebe Alles / Eu perdoo Tudo / Lo perdono Todo

I had a lot of resentment towards you, for being so hard on yourself and letting others take advantage of you. For letting people walk all over you, and letting them play you like you were a game.

I used to hate you for shaming yourself, and never treating your body with kindness and always filling your mind with words of self-hate. But now, I forgive you. Because I am not you anymore, I am me; the present me.

I forgive you for letting all the wrong guys waltz their way into your life, and allowing them to toss your heart around like it was nothing. At the time it made sense, to be young and in Love.

You wanted to believe in Love so badly; you wanted a fairytale ending, but settled for lying idiots when you should have been accepting the real prince charming.

You were blind to the warning signals, and wanted to see the good, except you were looking like a fool. You ignored everyone’s advice, your own gut feeling, and fought for the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

You allowed yourself to get emotionally abused, you gave your all to those who gave you nothing, and in result lost your ability to trust people.

You allowed yourself to become damaged and I forgive you. I forgive you for not knowing your worth. Soon I will wear my heart in the right place again, and it will be for all the right reasons with just the right person.

I forgive you for never treating your body with respect, and for constantly shaming yourself. You disrespected the body that was a gift to you, and I forgive you.

I forgive you for believing the lies that flooded your mind of not being good enough, or that the World was better off without you. I forgive you for the emotional scars and the tears that were shed.

Your own cruel words that you fed yourself. I forgive you, because now you hold fast to the truth that you are still here for a reason with a God-given purpose.

I forgive you for guarding your heart, for never believing in your own strength, and viewing yourself as weak and broken. I will forgive you for forgetting to whom you belong and who loved you first.

I forgive you for pushing away the good ones, because you don’t want to take a risk on anyone. For forcing yourself to be alone because it seems safer than letting people in.

I forgive you for discouraging yourself, and not letting yourself reach your full potential.

I forgive you, because I am proud of you. I am proud of you every day for not becoming who you used to be. I am proud of you for allowing yourself to have dreams, to have Love and lost.

And for getting knocked down 6 times and standing up 7. I am proud of you for making it through, and I’m proud of you for making someone new out of who you used to be.

Be proud. Because although I might not know you, you know you. You know who you used to be, and who you have become.

You have a lot to forgive yourself for, because you are worthy, loved, and God is not yet finished with you nor is He giving up.

So do not give up on yourself either, because every day is a new day with a new chance to look back and be proud of who you are becoming.

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