I knew happiness Once / Ich habe einmal Glück Gekannt / Conheci a felicidade uma Vez / Conocí la felicidad una Vez

You live in a World of ever accelerating technological advancements – technology that is taking you beyond what many people ever imagined.

This acceleration has not only increased the speed and convenience with which information is shared, it has also accelerated life.

You desperately try to live your life at a 4G pace, as if you are afraid of being left behind and forgotten.

You are losing touch with humanity and, while you are sharing more and more information, you are communicating less than ever before.

The biggest casualty of this behavior is your relationships. We are social beings who thrive on relationships. Without relationships, we are losing the only truly reliable source of happiness.

Our Society is losing hope in happiness. Many believe there is no such thing as happiness; it exists as a fairy tale of the past. Why are we losing hope in happiness?

The World tells us that happiness is to be found in material gain. Every commercial, every billboard, every advert, every pop-up promises increased pleasure and satisfaction at the hands of the advertised product or service.

You buy into this and place your hope in things. When you realize that things do not produce the happiness they promise, you feel deceived and wonder if happiness is a myth.

Even the word happiness has become diluted and overused.

You need to regain hope in more than momentary pleasure. The only way you can get a different result is by doing something different.

Your circumstances do not define your attitude; your attitude defines your circumstance. Reach out and put your trust in Love, not things that will pass. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

Reach out and say yes to life.

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