I make a Choice / Ich treffe eine Entscheidung / Eu faço uma Escolha / Hago una Eleccion

You spend an inordinate amount of time, and a tremendous amount of energy, making choices between equally attractive options in everyday situations.

The problem is, that while they may be equally attractive, they are also differently attractive, with tradeoffs that require compromise.

Compromise can be vital to success. While agreeing to a compromise can take some time and effort and may be difficult to accept, doing so often is the only viable path to success.

Compromise, like negotiation, is an art, and an important one. It is not something they teach in business school, and it is never going to be on the cover of Forbes.

The way you can truly understand who you are as yourself will need you to transcend the most basic ways you think about reality.

You need to develop a way to recognise reality as it is and not how you believe about it.

But that is only a paradoxical loop because your experience of reality is determined by how you think about it and likewise, what you experience, the one experience is fundamental to create your views.

In true essence recognising and believing are identical but you tend to separate and divide the two things.

You get a false created view of reality, that one beam of light then gets fragmented by the prism of the mind as you disperse it and split your decisions into many different paths.

Rather than finalising a decision you impetuously pick one of the many paths your mind has created.

Each decision that you make in your life through night and day can be thought through and spawn infinite ideas, however, there is no need to overthink things because every decision can never be right or wrong if you think about it.

Despite the fact you may perceive an outcome of said decision to be positive or negative you just have to stay confident within yourself, thus sparking this paradox of every decision being the right one.

If you dwindle and dwell about the past, that is the thing that truly has the negative lasting impact that destroys you rather than looking to the future, moving on and learning from your mistake.

Each time you make the right choice you not only confirm your own belief, but It also proves that you are improving and drawing closer to perfection for who you are, and just the opposite should you fail, and you again will have to repeat this lesson at some time sooner than later.

You just have to remain confident and not reside in disarray.

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