If humans Disappeared / Wenn die Menschheit Verschwindet / Se seres humanos Desapareceram / Si humanos Desaparecieron

Humans tend to think of Earth as ours. But the planet was here long before we came on the scene, and it will probably be here long after we leave. Our existence is a mere blip on Earth‘s time scale: the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and modern Humans have only been on it for about 200,000 years.

If we disappeared, it would not take long for evidence of our existence to disappear too. Humanity’s wood structures would be gone within a century, all of our cars, bridges, and other metal structures would rust to nothing a bit later. It is humbling to think how quickly the whole of Human creation could disappear without us around.

The real lasting feature that we will be remembered for is our Love of plastics. Other garbage can decompose naturally and succumb to nature, but the true mark of humanity would be the plastic the would end up embedded in sedimentary rocks. Alien geologists that might be studying our planet would wonder why we loved plastic so much.

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