Illusion of Time / Illusion der Zeit / Ilusão de Tempo / Ilusión de Tiempo

Time feels real, always there, uncompromisingly moving forward. Time has flow, runs like a river. Time has direction, always advances. Time has order, one thing after another. Time has duration, a quantifiable period between events. Time has a privileged present, only now is real.

Time seems to be the universal background through which all events proceed, such that order can be sequenced and durations measured. The question is whether these features are actual realities of the physical World or artificial constructs of Human mentality.

Despite being the basis of our experience and a fundamental measurement in science, we still really do not understand the nature of time. Time is something that is directly linked to our brain’s Consciousness abilities.

Our mind records what we have seen in the past and can also retrieve it. In our daily experience, our mind cannot construct what is going to happen in the future.

Recent discoveries at the quantum level are now directing us to the idea of the illusion of time and the conclusion that time actually may not exist. Left and right is a relative concept that depends on the location of the observer.

So the concept of right and left cannot be absolute for defining the location of objects. Left and right are relative and not absolute since they may be in the reverse order for another observer looking at the same set of objects.

The same concept to the time coordinate as the 4th dimension will lead us to the result that the past and the future may indeed be reversed for another observer at a different reference point. This is the view of the universe by an observer outside of space and time looking from a vantage point at our universe.

Past and future are not absolute; rather, they depend on the reference point of the observer. In this theory, the concept of past and future for time are as relative as the concept of right and left for location.

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