I’m Gonna make it Better / Ich werde es besser Machen / Vou Melhorar / Voy a hacerlo Mejor

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Lead a useful life. Whether it be as a musician, a painter, a scientist, a cook, a father, a mother or a teacher, spend your life pursuing your passion in a way which leaves something positive behind. Make the World a better place for your visit.

Do not leave it to the end of your life, facing mid life crisis or late life guilt. Start today, right now and keep doing it every day. Be useful and make a contribution.

Be happy. Not entertained, not distracted, just happy. Look within yourself, find yourself and work out how to nourish your soul from inside. Happiness comes from satisfaction. A work well done, a passion pursued, a life well lived.

Be nice to others. Keep it simple. Make your partner a meal. Thank people who help you. Thank your parents for doing their best.  Teach your children respect, by showing it to them. Love other people and love yourself.

Thank you in advance for the great work you are going to do, over the rest of your lives, to support humanity’s struggle to create a civilized and sustainable Society.

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