In my Mind / In meinen Gedanken / Em minha Mente / En mi Mente

And in my mind –
In my head –
This is where we all came from –
The dreams we have –
The love we share –
This is what we’re waiting for –

The oficial video was chosen by Kia Motors for its advertising campaign for the United States. The video made its debut in more than 18,000 cinemas during the MTV Video Music Awards.

The video shows four girls who go out for a ride in their Kia on the roads of California, in what seems to be the demonstration of some of the dreams and love shared between a group of friends.

Dreams are bittersweet and you can do nearly anything. Our subconscious treats us to wild adventures, sometimes so real that we wake up in denial that it was all fake.

Everything can happen in one dream, and then it is gone. That is why experiencing Love in a dream can be harsh. Like real Love it is sweet until it is over.

You fall in Love with a stranger or you fall in Love with someone you know, you dream of marriage, or a blind date, a first kiss, or one of your million fantasies.

You respond well to falling in Love in your dreams, it seems real and you want to move on and on and on … dreaming.

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