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Mans best-friend is forced to live in dreadful conditions, denied Love and space to exhibit natural behaviours.

They will never see sunshine or grass, a bed, a treat, or a toy.

They will live a life completely devoid of Human contact and are never walked, cuddled, or loved.

This is the hidden industry behind a pet shop window. Behind your friendly local pet shop, the rolling hills on a breeder’s website, or the newspaper or online ad, there often lies a Puppy Farm.

Puppy Farm dogs will spend all the early vital moments of their life in a cage.

The constant confinement, lack of veterinary care, and complete lack of socialisation results in unhealthy puppies, usually plagued with physiological, behavioural and psychological problems not visible from the pet shop window.

As Puppy Farm dogs are bred for quantity, not quality, hereditary defects are common.

The puppies are taken from their mothers between 4 and 5 weeks of age, and are packed into crates for transport.

Frightened and confused, puppies that are shipped from the Puppy Farm to the puppy broker, pet store, or unsuspecting buyer can travel thousands of miles in pickup trucks, tractor trailers and/or airplanes, suffering long periods of time in transit without adequate food, water, or shelter.

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