Invisible I Am / Unsichtbar bin Ich / Invisível eu Sou / Invisible Soy

Nobody knows you. Nobody cares about what you do. You feel unnoticed, unwanted, not making a single ripple, all while it seems everyone else is enjoying life and having fun without you. You look at them and they seem to have an easier time putting themselves out there.

You feel that you are invisible to others and to the World. And regardless of your physical impact on life, the experience of not being noticed exists. For the person who does feel visible and takes it for granted; being invisible will be hard to comprehend and may even be dismissed and minimized.

What this shows is that it has nothing to do with how you look in the eyes of another person or how much room your body takes up in the World; it comes down to what is going on internally, what is going on inside of you.

It is likely to be an experience that has simply been accepted as part of life and something that is normal. If the feeling has been around for a certain time, it is inevitable that you feel that there is no other way.

And this will of course lead to all kinds of other feelings, thoughts and emotions and shapes how you see yourself and others. Your behaviour is a reflection of this feeling of being invisible.

Your self image is unlikely to be empowering or functional. For if you are invisible, it means that you do not exist; therefore a whole bunch of other consequences appear. Having a healthy sense of self worth, self value, self esteem and self empowerment is unlikely.

This makes your internal experience and external experience one of pain and suffering. Feeling hopeless and that you do not have an effect on your environment is part of your life.

In order to interpret something in a certain way, you have created associations around it. Your mind is at the root of it all. Your associations shape how you feel, think, behave and perceive people and the World.

And the ego minds main function is to do with keeping you alive and it does this through familiarity. If something is interpreted as familiar to the ego mind, it then becomes what is classed as safe.

The challenge is that what the ego mind classes as familiar and therefore safe can be extremely dysfunctional and damaging to your life. At one stage in life, your associations may have kept you alive, but now, they are leading to unnecessary pain and suffering.

The associations were formed and it is unlikely that you have the Awareness or the ability to question them. And this means that they were taken personally and as a reflection of who one is.

Let go of the associations and your sense of self will begin to form.

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