Is this Happiness / Ist das Glück / É essa Felicidade / Es esta Felicidad

I am Love and well-being, and nothing in my life can change that –  not my thinking or my brain chemistry  –  not even the past or the future. I see that peace is what I am made of.

I have been trying hard to educate myself, to know how to fight depression, how to be happy, how to stop feeling guilty, how to stop being afraid of uncertain things.

I felt growing up like I, was growing up in isolation. I have always fought all the pain life ever thrown me.

So I meditated, I read, I cooked, I went far away from home. I went to the United States, I went to Spain, I went to Brazil.

I have tried many things, I play, I sail, I travel. I am trying hard to find every single breath that can lead me to be thankful for all those opportunities in my life, all these gifts.

I am living a way too good life, my dream came true. I went to the places I want. I have had perfect partners in my life. Everything is just way too good to be true.

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