Keep your vibration High / Halte deine Vibration Hoch / Mantenha sua vibração Alta / Mantenga su vibración Alta

The conscious mind with its never ending stream of thoughts overrides your Consciousness. For the conscious mind, the outside World tends to occupy your attention and does not let you venture inward and experience your Consciousness.

It is only when the mind becomes quiet and silent that you become aware of this Consciousness. You have to carve time out to connect to that place of pure Consciousness. You can do it in dreamtime, when your conscious mind disconnects and your higher mind takes over.

And you can do it in meditation, which is a beautiful vehicle. In the stillness of meditation, you quiet the conscious mind and connect with your higher mind and higher Self.

This is the place where you can connect to your inner power, to your connection to God Source. This is where you can come every day to change your vibration and energy.

When your energy is aligned with God Source, you feel powerful, happy, free, mentally strong, confident, you have a positive attitude and you are setting your Self up for success. You can learn how to master your own energy.

If you think negative thoughts, your vibration will be low. Once you think positively, you will feel your frequency rise. The key is to keep your vibration high on a consistent basis. This is one way you can change your energy to raise your vibration.

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