Key moment of your Life / Schlüsselmoment Deines Lebens / Momento chave da sua Vida / Momento clave de tu Vida

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Throughout your life, there are moments that fundamentally change you and your perspective. This could involve finding a new viewpoint for World events, your relationship with another Human being, or discovering some hidden truth that unlocks new wisdom.

The idea that important events define the meaning, direction, and quality of life is central to the accepted idea of personal development. But even more than that, it is central to the way you think about the life of yourself and the lives of others.

It is all very individual and for each person, there have been (and will be) the moments in life that are the most important to them. Such moments are remembered and are the most meaningful as they reflect our achievements and dream fulfillment.

Exploring your own defining moments can be a powerful exercise in self-discovery that can help you to better understand who you are. It can also clarify what motivates and inspires you, and identify the source of self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals.

When you look at life as series of important events, you are measuring life by very specific, limited measuring points. Life becomes about these events, and it becomes about the quality and intensity of these events.

Relationships become about passion and excitement, life goals become about success and overcoming extreme challenges, and the meaning of life becomes some kind of heroes journey. A journey which you, as the sole most important person, go on and achieve great, important things.

You think the most important moments in your life are the big events, but what if it was the small, boring, almost imperceptible moments that mattered the most.

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