Let’s listen to the Silence / Hören wir uns die Stille an / Vamos ouvir o Silêncio / Escuchemos el Silencio

Silence. Silence is home. Silence is where you find yourself, where you find truth, where you find wisdom. Keep listening to the sound of silence in everything, staying completely relaxed. There is no sound whatsoever, and when you listen, you listen to the sound of no sound.

Hear the silence in the mountains and rivers, the earth, the sky. Eventually, the whole universe will fall into deep silence. Perceive that same deep silence in yourself. Ultimately, it is your Awareness unified with emptiness that is really listening to the silence.

You begin this practice of listening to tune into a deeper Awareness that leads to the realization of emptiness, which in turn empties out your mistaken views and notions. Most importantly, practice lets you enter into the true form of enlightened nature.

Such form is eternal; it is unborn and never dies, is neither stained nor pure, neither increases nor diminishes. There is absolutely nothing here to hold on to: no rebirth; no World of bodily form, sensation, thought, impulse, or Consciousness; no pain and no happiness, no gain and no loss.

It is no wonder pill, it is not a highway to heaven, but it is a way that takes you to where you grow, to where you see yourself for who you truly are, for what you stand for, for what you are willing to fight for, to where you see what really matters to you.

Meditating is a process, and once it has become a habit, a part of your daily routine, you start feeling the benefits. Even on days where you did not have the stillness in your mind you were hoping for, it still helped you.

Practice every day and your brain will transform into a much quieter place, a less reactive, less explosive mind.

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