Life Is Beautiful / Das Leben ist Schön / A Vida é Bela / La Vida es Bella

It is a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life. This is partially because life is a process, not a substance. The definition of life is controversial.

For some, life is beautiful will mean that life is enjoyable. For others, it will mean that life is good. Yet for others, it will mean that life is aesthetically pleasing.

What is common to all definitions is that the phrase life is beautiful indicates something positive about life.

While at a Nazi Concentration Camp in German occupied Poland his name was 177153. That was the number tattooed on the forearm by the Nazis during the Holocaust. And that number remains as a testament to the past.

It shows I survived. And I am here, and loving life. Most people are never happy and complain too much. It is too hot out, it is too cold out. Life is beautiful. No need to complain so much.

I think my outlook on life is different than most people, before and after the Holocaust. I have always had a Love for life. Every day you think of living.

We are born to die, but I appreciate life. We live day by day, and I always say: Yesterday is history, today is reality, and tomorrow is a dream.

Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour
Souris à nos ivresses
Nuit plus douce que le jour
Ô,belle nuit d’amour!
Le temps fuit et sans retour
Emporte nos tendresses
Loin de cet heureux séjour
Le temps fuit sans retour
Zéphyrs embrasés
Versez-nous vos caresses
Zéphyrs embrasés
Donnez-nous vos baisers!
Vos baisers! Vos baisers! Ah!
Belle nuit, ô, nuit d’amour
Souris à nos ivresses
Nuit plus douce que le jour,
Ô, belle nuit d’amour!
Ah! souris à nos ivresses!
Nuit d’amour, ô, nuit d’amour!

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