Life is Impermanent / Das Leben ist unbeständig / A vida é Impermanente / La vida es Impermanente

Impermanence rules everything. Nothing lasts forever. Even the best stories end. At some point everything will end.

Recognizing the impermanence of life teaches you not to cling to the good or run from the bad. But to make room for change. When we get stuck in a moment, life feels short.

You become arrogant when you, and ignorant when you fail.

External events, achievements or possessions do not define you. Life is ephemeral  –  everything comes and goes.

Landing a great job does not make you superior. Losing it does not make you a failure either.

Life is like water  –  it is always moving and transforming from one state to another.

The river is alive  –  it is constantly flowing. You are transforming all the time too.

Resisting impermanence causes unnecessary suffering. The things that are supposed to make you happy become your trap.

You cling to things. Nothing feels good enough. You are not satisfied. You want to make permanent what is continually changing.

The struggle with impermanence causes most of your suffering  – you do not want things to change. You wish them to be different.

However, expectations drive disappointment  – you become anxious, frustrated and stressed out.

Embrace impermanence –  because nothing lasts forever

You must embrace, not just overcome, impermanence. Appreciate and enjoy that life is fluid.

Think of what you can gain instead of what is gone. Impermanence is the driver of change -  it can be refreshing and renewing.

Life is long if you know how to use it.

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