Life is Unfair / Das Leben ist Unfair / A vida é Injusta / La vida es Injusta

Life is complicated, it is both fair and unfair at the same time; to expect life to have fairness and justice towards each and every Human soul no matter their condition is foolish; to demand social justice or justice of any other kind towards this perceived unfairness is foolishness.

Life is a conciliation of warring forces and  uncontrollable circumstances when mixed together have the power to shake down everything you know with the blink of an eye or radically change everything you know in a positive way.

Perhaps life has put you through an easy path from day one and has filled you with countless blessings whether they are deserved or not. Sometimes everything just seems to work and flow seamlessly in perfect synergy as you walk through the path of life, but sometimes, it all feels like everything is going against you. The slightest bump in your path of life can unleash a series of events that change everything you know and take for granted.

Life often presents you with the illusion of choice when there is none, you have no say in the circumstances of your birth, you do not choose what genes you inherit when you are born, you do not choose who you fall in Love with. You do not have much of a choice in many aspects of your life.

Everyone has their own demons to fight against, everyone has their own burdens that weight heavy upon their shoulders. Everyone has their own life’s story to tell, some are tragic and unfair, others are joyful and great, while others are testaments to the power of Human will and exemplar displays of an brilliant ability to persevere against all odds; the best you can do is work with what you have and craft a solution with the tools available.

To live your life is to embrace the joyful moments you get, even if you can only count them with one hand; to live your life is also to suffer, to stumble, to fall, to learn from each experience you go through, to rise up higher than the day before and exceed beyond your own limits so that you can achieve that which at first might have seem impossible.

No one else but yourself can fully understand the struggles you face, the wars you wage, both outside and within, in your body and in your mind.

Life is a cruel mistress, life does not care if you have balls or not, life kicks you whenever life feels like doing so just because life can. Life will bully you more than once because life is the primal bully, and when life is done bullying the shit out of you, then you can fall into an abyss of depression and anxiety.

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