Live and Become / Geh und Lebe / Vai e Vive / Vete y Vive

Towards the mid-1980s Ethiopia underwent a series of famines, worsened by adverse geopolitics and civil wars, which eventually resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

As a result, the life became untenable and a large part of the population tried to escape the war and the famine by fleeing on foot for refugee camps in Sudan, a journey which usually took anywhere from two weeks to a month.

It is estimated as many as 4,000 died during the trek, due to violence and illness along the way.

After a secret Israeli cabinet meeting in November 1984, the decision was made to go forward with Operation Moses, involving the air transport by TEA of some 8,000 Ethiopian Jews from Sudan to Israel during a Civil war that caused a severe famine in the country.

One Ethiopian boy, is placed by his Christian mother with an Ethiopian Jewish  woman whose child has died.

Go, live, and become. His mother bids the terrified boy farewell with the words that gives the film its title. Go is the urgent instruction to find security in Israel. Live is her counsel to seize a sudden chance to survive and prosper.

Become is the unknown challenge in a world of emigration and immigration, asylum seeking and economic migration, where identities are assumed, imposed, blurred and recreated.

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