Live without Regret / Lebe ohne Reue / Vive sem Arrependimento / Vive sin Arrepentimientos

Regret makes it very difficult to keep moving forward with your life. You dwell on the past and suffer the regret daily. In order to live a life of progress and growth you must learn to forgive yourself and look towards the future rather than be consumed by regrets of the past.

Live a life filled with wonder, health, and happiness … and one without regrets.

Places you never went. Jobs you did not take. Opportunities you missed. Education incomplete. Money you wasted. Time you wasted. Friends you hurt. Friendships you lost. Love you lost. Religion lost. Beliefs lost.

Poor eating habits. Lack of activity. Lack of quality time with your loved ones. Lack of focus on Self. Misjudging others. Distrusting others. Your bad attitude. Your bad behaviour.

Your list seems endless. You realise that your life is about the life you are not living, the life you could be leading yet you are not. You realise that in not living the life you are missing out on, you fantasise what you really long for; the experiences, the things and even people that you sense are absent in your current life.

You regret choices you have made, because you worry that you should have made other choices. You think you should have done something better, but did not. You should have chosen a better mate, but did not. You should have taken that more exciting job, but did not. You should have been more disciplined, but were not.

You regret these choices, which are in the past and can not be changed, because you compare them to an ideal path that uou think you should have taken. You have an idea in your head of what could have been, if only a different choice had been made.

You can not change your choices. But it is never too late to change yourself.

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