Living an unconventional Life / Ein unkonventionelles Leben Führen / Vivendo uma vida não Convencional / Viviendo una vida poco Convencional

If you think like everyone else you are going to be like everyone else.

Adults find thinking different uncomfortable, some even find it exhausting. But thinking different is a big part of being unconventional and living a lifestyle beyond the average.

Unconventional can but does not have to mean crazy.

Sometimes crazy can be unconventional, other times it is just madness. If we were all stuck in our four-year old minds, we would have one amazing unconventional and creative World.

What I would call a really swinging Human being is a person who lives on two levels at once. He is able to live on the level of being his ordinary Ego, his everyday personality, and play his role in life, and to observe all the rules that go with that. But if he is only on that level, if he is only playing that kind of thing and thinks that’s all there is, it becomes a drag. He starts being the kind of person who feels that he is just got to go on surviving.

See, it is terribly important to go on surviving, to live, and he works at that. And his children learn the same attitude from him. He says 1Well, I got  to survive because I got all these children to support.’ And then they take on the same attitude; they breed up children and they feel compulsive about supporting them cause they got to go on. And so nobody really has any fun. It’s just … ‘We gotta make this thing!’ And you don’t have to.

We have a whole system of preparation of the child for life which always is preparation and never actually gets there. In other words, we have a system of schooling which starts with grades. And we get it always preparing for something that’s going to happen.

So you go into nursery school as preparation for kindergarten. You are going to kindergarten for preparation for first grade and then you go up the grades ’til you get to high school, and then comes a time when maybe if we can get you fascinated enough with this system, you go to college. And then when you go to college, if you are smart, you get in the graduate school and stay a perpetual student and go back to be a professor and just go round and round in the system.

But in the ordinary way, they do not encourage quite that, they want you, after graduate school or after graduation, commencement as it’s called, beginning to get out into the World with a capital W. And so you know, you’ve been trained for this and now you’ve arrived. But when you get out into the World, at your first sales meeting, they’ve got the same thing going again, because they want you to make that quota and if you do make it, they give a higher quota.

And come along about 45 years of age, maybe you are a Vice President. And it suddenly dawns on you that you’ve arrived with a certain sense of having been cheated, because it is just the same life as it always felt. And you are conditioned to be in desperate need of a future. So the final goal that this culture prepares for us is called retirement – when you will be a senior citizen and you will have the wealth and the leisure to do what you always wanted, but you will at the same time impotence, rotten prostate and false teeth and no energy.

So the whole thing from beginning to end is a hoax.

If you think average, you are going to be average.

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