Loneliness / Einsamkeit / Solidão / Soledad

Loneliness has been linked with depression, and is thus a risk factor for suicide. Loneliness, specifically the inability or unwillingness to live for others, i.e. for friendships or altruistic ideas, as the main reason for what he called egoistic suicide.

In adults, Loneliness is a major precipitant of depression and alcoholism. People who are socially isolated may report poor sleep quality, and thus have diminished restorative processes.

Loneliness has also been linked with a Schizoid character type in which one may see the world differently and experience social alienation, described as the self in exile.

In children, a lack of social connections is directly linked to several forms of antisocial and self-destructive behavior, most notably hostile and delinquent behavior. In both children and adults,

Loneliness often has a negative impact on learning and memory. Its disruption of sleep patterns can have a significant impact on the ability to function in everyday life.

Johnny Hallyday is a French singer and actor. He married singer Sylvie Vartan in 1965 and divorced in 1980. In 1982 he was briefly (two months and two days) married to Babeth Étienne.

1983, a four-year relationship with actress Nathalie Baye followed. He was married to his third wife Adeline Blondieau for two years, divorcing her in 1992. He has been married to Laeticia Boudou since 1996.

One of his favorite leisure activities is riding his Harley-Davidson on long trips alone (Seul) through the California desert.

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