Love is gonna save Us / Liebe wird uns Retten / Amor vai nos Salvar / Amor va a Salvarnos

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Stones and flowers on the ground –
We are lost and found –
but Love is gonna save us –

Shadows walking in the crowd –
We are lost and found –
but Love is gonna save us –

This message is imperative to the future of governance, the development of an economic model that serves all people and the environment.

In times of periodic fear and uncertainty for the future, this message manages to instill a profound sense of hope and inspiration for the more beautiful World that is possible for every Human being on the planet.

This message will use its power to heal a planet deeply wounded by war, hatred, greed, pollution and poverty. A revolution of Love could change the World.

As humanity faces serious challenges on a variety of fronts including civil war, poverty and climate change, dismiss the idea that technology will solve all social and environmental issues, and that poverty will be alleviated merely by market growth.

The root cause of these problems is a throwaway consumer culture driven by endless greed and domination, which has led to a broken economy and a damaged planet.

The challenge we face today is to put aside our differences and use the power of Love to unite together for the common good and for our common home.

If one loves another truly, one would truly not suffer at all,
as true Love is completely unconcerned with self-suffering,
as true Love is completely concerned with self-sacrificing.
If we all love one another truly, we would truly not suffer at all.

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