Love Now / Liebe Jetzt / Ama Agora / Ama ahora

Real Love you give without expecting anything back, and its the giving that makes you glow inside. Love means patience, Awareness, being present. And also knowing when to receive it too. But do not have any expectations, expectations will make you unhappy.

It is magic, but it is not a pill.

Treat it as something that is sacred but learn how to let it go, like a fart. Be present, look for the smiles, giggles, and laughter, the small things are enormous things. This will guide your work. This will unfold your light. Love here now.

Be you, just be you.

You can not blame anybody for what is happening now. Take responsibility for the present moment. Stop pointing the finger at sweaty hairy men.

Accept yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Believe in yourself.

We are shifting the planet to Love Consciousness with the gift of Love. Love is all there is. We are all one. There is only you. Know who you really are and choose who you wish to be.

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