Love the Future / Liebe die Zukunft / Ame o Futuro / Ama el Futuro

The enemy of change loves the past and fears the future. You must fear the past and love the future. Love the unknown, believe in its wonder, and fill your heart with the possibilities for the future.

Change is the law of life, change is your natural state of being and if you only look to the past you are certain to miss the future. Change happens, make it work for you.

We have reached a stage in evolution at which pessimism, fatalism, nihilism are no longer valid philosophies. Optimism is the only rational philosophy. Optimism does not mean denying reality.

Optimism means hopefulness and confidence about the future. But the root of the word comes from Latin (optimum) and the more precise definition of optimism is the doctrine that ‘This World is the best of all possible Worlds.’

Optimism is a fundamental attitude. It is not an opinion about reality; it is a starting point for dealing with reality.

At every moment, you can decide that you are in the best situation to handle a given challenge. That is optimism. Optimism is searching for the ‘Yes’ in every situation and finding it.

If there is no solution, then there is no problem.

The focus of the optimist is on the future, the potential of change. He embraces ‘Yes’ and fights against ‘No’. The optimist makes the conscious choice to endure in times of hardship.

Optimism, persistence, and resilience go hand in hand. You can not find answers or solutions if you are not prepared to keep searching and digging.

At the same time, you can not find them if you do not first accept the truth at the deepest level. That is often a painful process. Optimism is not always fun and happy.

It is easier to understand and support ideas you are comfortable with. It is easier to preserve your status quo than make a difference.

It is easier to fall back on old habits and prejudices when you are faced with nuance and complexity. But it is not safer.

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