Luck is no Coincidence / Glück ist kein Zufall / A sorte não é Coincidência / La suerte no es Coincidencia

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Luck is a term you use when you either do not know or do not want to acknowledge the reasons why something did or did not go your way and if someone else defies the mathematical probability, it is because they have it and you do not. They are violating the universe’s probabilities.

But the truth is, you can actually control your luck to a certain extent. You may not directly affect the major opportunities that enter your life at any given moment, you can indirectly influence how many opportunities spring up and the ferocity with which you pounce on them.

If you define luck as the number of beneficial opportunities and life events that happen to you which are not completely in your control, some people are much luckier than others, but that those lucky people have quite a few things in common.

Lucky people have specific behaviors and mindsets which cause them to encounter far more opportunities and advantages. Lucky people enjoy connecting and relating to other people and are comfortable doing so.

Unlucky people talk to people they already knww or people who are like themselves, whereas lucky people talked to a large array of people equally.

Be open-minded and spontaneous and more potential opportunities and adventures will open up. The perception of luck is more likely to fall on those who take a dumb risk or two. What is commonly perceived as luck is often merely someone who was not afraid to take chances.

Luck, probability, maybe, chance, unfortunate, fortunate, coincidence, …

But what if the bell does ring for you early. Well, after you have done all you can do, you really can not control that. No luck there. And also, no tragedy. Your time will come. You do not have too much time on Earth.

Whether it is one month, 8 years, 50 years, 70 years, or 100 years – this is not too much time, it is not enough time to do all the good things that are capable of being done.

The question is, were you spending your life right, doing all the best things you can, searching out the most meaningful things, taking the best courses of action, training yourself, building your talent, spending your time well, serving people, appreciating life.

If you were, it is no shame to go when you go. The bell rings for all of us at some time. No luck there either – it is all cause and effect, and probability.

There is a chance you are not breathing tomorrow and today’s your last day. I meditate on that daily – when the bell rings for me, it is not bad luck or good luck, it is cause and effect and probability.

If I have spent my time well, there is no bad luck when the bell rings. It will happen. It will be too soon, no matter when it happens. But luck will have nothing to do with it.

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