Machines can Help / Maschinen können Helfen / Máquinas podem Ajudar / Máquinas pueden Ayudar

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Machines are being built to communicate. Machines no longer just mechanize Human tasks as they have since the industrial age – they are adapting and changing the way we think, interact and live. A two-way communication between Human and machine will be at the center of this relationship. Machine communication is a natural extension of the need to understand the massive data sets available to us.

M2M communications can be used to efficiently monitor the condition of critical public infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities or bridges, with less Human intervention. It can help businesses maintain inventory or make it easier for scientists to conduct research. Because it relies on common technology, it also could help a homeowner maintain the perfect lawn or create a shopping list.

The ultimate in machines talking to each other could be driverless cars, which have already been tested in more than 300,000 miles of action by Google in the US. Sensors in the cars keep them safe distances from other vehicles. When all cars can talk to each other, crashes could become a thing of the past and commutes will be safer.

A connected car is important for entertainment and internet on the move. You can turn the inside of the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so passengers can stream movies, check emails and surf the internet as they are moving. Additionally, the car can send diagnostic information to the manufacturer, so the service garage will be expecting your call or can contact you to tell you if the brake fluid is running low.

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