Man In Phone / Mann im Telefon / Homem no Telefone / Hombre en el Teléfono

A Japanese man mysteriously wakes up inside of his i-phone and is forced to confront the destruction his Technology addiction has wreaked on his life. In the face of these unusual obstacles, he attempts to escape the i-phone and return to his normal life – all before draining his battery down to zero …

Technology addiction – sometimes called Internet addiction, Internet use disorder (IUD) or Internet addiction disorder (IAD) – is a fairly new phenomenon. It is often described as a serious problem involving the inability to control use of various kinds of technology, in particular the Internet, smartphones, tablets and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now that it is effortless to text and access the Web and social media from almost anywhere, more of us are dependent on communicating via the tiny computers we carry with us. So it is no surprise that health experts are seeing a rise in addictive tendencies that involve technology.

The way tech addiction is diagnosed can differ from country to country, but surveys in the U.S. and Europe show that between 1.5% and 8.2% of the population suffers from Internet addiction. Technology addiction is recognized as a widespread health problem in most countries, which have established dedicated clinics to address this growing issue.

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