Manifestation Of Imagination / Manifestation der Phantasie / Manifestação da Imaginação / Manifestación de la Imaginación

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God, or at least the universe, might be the ultimate large-scale computer.

From this perspective, Computation seems almost a theological process. After stripping away all externalities, all material manifestations, what remains is the purest state of existence: here or not here, am or not am, yes or no, the fundamental state of 1 or 0.

In the Old Testament, when Moses asks ‘Who are you?’ the Almighty says, ‘Am’ One bit. One almighty bit. Yes. One. Exist. It is the simplest statement possible.

An ultimate simulation needs an ultimate computer, and the new science of digitalism says that the universe itself is the ultimate computer. In a universe run on bits, everything is a simulation.

Every mountain, every star, the smallest fish or ocean, each thought in our mind is but a web of elemental Yes’ or No’s woven together.

If the theory of digital physics, movement, energy, gravity, dark matter, and antimatter can all be explained by elaborate programs of 1 or 0 decisions, bits can be seen as a digital version of the atoms of classical Greece: the tiniest constitution of existence.

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