Mankind has reached a Crossroads / Die Menschheit hat einen Scheideweg erreicht / Humanidade chegou a uma Encruzilhada / Humanidad ha llegado a una encrucijada

Ancient secret knowledge was destined to be unveiled at the time when mankind could no longer survive without the ancient knowledge.

That time is now.

The release of this ancient knowledge will trigger a transformation of Consciousness in our World which will impact almost every aspectof life.

Ancient cultures tell us that this is a choice each one of us will be called upon to make.

Mankind has wandered in darkness, but now there is a change coming. After racing blindly through history, mankind has reached a crossroads.

This moment was predicted long ago, prophesied by ancient texts, medieval calendars, by the stars.

The date was specific, its arrival imminent, and preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge, a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness and give mankind a final chance to turn away from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.

In order to evolve, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone, which means you must set aside your political and religious beliefs and focus on the bigger picture: the Human race and our Earth.

Regardless of what you now believe, the moment you close your mind, you are not growing and expanding, but withering and dying.

Now that you are aware of the enormity of the challenges we are facing, are you ready to begin building a foundation of knowledge and understanding?

Are you ready to learn how we can create our future? For the ancients have left us the knowledge we need to navigate these challenges with hope and a sense of empowerment.

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