Martial Law / Kriegsrecht / Lei Marcial / Ley Marcial

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Martial law is an act designed to control the Society as war is being fought in actual or theoretical war zones. It can also be used as a measure for civil unrest, nationwide emergencies or when chaos ensues throughout the country. Martial law is the last counter-measure against a force that the government authorities have failed to fully contain.

Aside from the presence of military force patrolling the area, there are other liberties that are compromised; the suspension of the habeas corpus, civil rights and civil law.

Most concerning yet is the fact that civilians are now subject to military justice in military grounds. Those who defy or are suspected of defying the rules set may be captured and subjected to court-martial.

Martial law is not a pretty picture to behold, because life will definitely become tougher after fully implemented. Almost everything that you are enjoying now will be suspended.

Constitutional liberties and freedoms will be gone. You will no longer have basic civil rights. All that power will be transferred to the government or to a single, tyrannical politician to wield the military force and to use it as they see fit.

Martial law can bring out the worst in people.

You will see groups of military soldiers patrolling the streets in plain view. Tanks, military choppers, high-powered rifles and other military drones will not be things that you see in movies anymore. Basic necessities such as water and food will be confiscated. In order to get food and water, you will have to stand in line.

Even household resources such as electricity, bath water and TV networks will be rationed and observed closely. You may be searched anytime for any reason; you may be asked to step out of your vehicle anytime. Freedom of speech and the free press will be absent as long as martial law is imposed.

It does not stop there. As basic human civil rights are suspended, you can get arrested anytime for any reason, and you can mot do anything about it. You will not have a fair trial.

You will be at the mercy of a military court. You can get executed by the police or any other military force for speaking against the government or for defending your family or friends.

Be mindful of everything you say to the public. Avoid negative opinions and go on with daily life as if nothing is happening. Do not tell anyone things that can harm you or your family.

Do not needlessly expose your family, friends, relatives and your loved ones. Think carefully on what you will say. It would probably better not to say anything at all.

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