Materialism and Love / Materialismus und Liebe / Materialismo e Amor / Materialismo y Amor

I would say Love is something everybody talks about, and the need for Love is one of the most basic needs of man, namely the experience of union with another being, of becoming one with another being.

And yet, I would say that Love today is a relatively rare phenomenon, that we have a great deal of sentimentality; we have a great deal of illusion about Love, namely as a … as something one falls in. But the question is that one can not fall in Love, really; one has to be in Love.

And that means that loving becomes, and the ability to love, becomes one of the most important things in life.

Question: Why is it so difficult for us to be in Love, as Human beings? What is wrong with us, as you see it?

Because we are concerned with things. We are concerned with success. We are concerned with money. We are concerned with instrumentalities. And the most important things we talk about on Sundays are things to which we pay very little attention.

Love is not easy. All great religions postulate Love as one of the greatest accomplishments. If it were that easy, or as easy as most people think, certainly, the great religious leaders would have been rather naive.

In our enthusiasm to dominate nature and to produce more material goods we have transformed means into ends. We have wanted to produce more in the 19th century and the 20th century in order to give man the possibility for more dignified Human life.

But actually what has happened is that production and consumption have become means, have ceased to be means and have become ends, and we are production crazy and consumption crazy.

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