Mirror of our Soul / Spiegel unserer Seele / Espelho de nossa Alma / Espejo de nuestra Alma

Mirrors have been around since the first man looked into a perfectly motionless pond, seeing in it his own face staring back at him.

From the polished metal discs of ancient Greece to our modern full length silver backed glass mirrors, man has had a fascination in observing his own image, seemingly having found the twin of himself.

Though today, mirrors have become somewhat associated with the falsity of one’s own physical image, both men and women are now well accustomed to spending enourmos quantities of their time in front of them.

Fine tuning and adjusting their dress, style and appearance, just to please Society’s expectations of one self.

Over time, we all inevitably realise that this image in the mirror is not definitive of ourselves, nor does it represent our character. We may even come to dislike of being judged on this very image.

Eventually we realise that this silvery Doppelgänger to which we are attached is not a component of our inner character or original Self.

Instead we begin to see it for what it is: a version of the body in its outer domain, and nothing more.

And yet, the soul is like a mirror. Instead of watching with the eyes of biology, we visit this inner mirror by means of the most serene motions of spiritual contemplation.

We detach ourselves from the temporal, worldly mirror of time and materiality through this special contemplation.

We lay down the ‘mirror of the body’, the false image that has caused us much hardship and pain, and venture beyond.

The appearance of the body is easily altered, enhanced, falsified or changed, but the original form, the face of our very essence, helps us rise above all exterior pretense and facades.

The soul form is a mirror to the highest happiness, an unchangeable reflectiveness. It embodies us and makes us One and inseparable.

Here we are realised in eternity.

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