Moments will be lost in Time / Momente gehen in der Zeit Verloren / Momentos serão perdidos no Tempo / Momentos se perderán en el Tiempo

It will not last, this moment, me writing this, you reading. Moments gone, that will never come again, even if you waited an eternity. Moments matter. If you understand what powerful moments are made of, you wish to create them. Because the right moment can have extraordinary power.

The standout memories hijack your mind. You replay them over and over, the peaks and the endings. Moments that lift you above. Moments that rewire your understanding of yourself. Moments that capture you at your best, achieving things you were not sure were possible.

When you look at life as series of momets, you are measuring life by very specific, limited measuring points. Life becomes about these momets, and it becomes about the quality and intensity of these momets.

Relationships become about passion and excitement, life goals become about success and overcoming extreme challenges, and the meaning of life becomes some kind of heroes journey.

Life is busy, life can be hard, you might be tired, you might be broke, but think about today, was there any moment that was good.

That feeling of happiness and Love. You remember feeling all this Love. This all-consuming adoration you had for your life and that very moment you can hardly remember.

Those nights you shared with your best friends, or your family. Those long days that turned into nights and just feeling so damn happy to be alive. You go back there a lot, letting it settle in your mind, letting the feelings of that night flood over you.

You see moments, flashing and fleeting, and faces of people you once loved, now love or still love. You remember those feelings. They are intense, and all-consuming. They are memories that were not published or clicked on.

There is just you and the vague recollection of a great time. It is something just you and your friends can try to recall, only when you are together, bringing it up and revisiting those feelings all over again.

You remember the laughter and the fun you were having. You remember the Love you had for each other, and that Love comes back. 

The best memories you hold, the ones that will stay with you for the rest of your life and relieve you in your darkest moments are not ones you can recall through a photograph or relive through a video.

They are the ones you can not really remember, can nott sift through your iCloud or send to friends. They are the ones that you lived, experienced and refused to take a second away to try and store for later.

The moments you can not run through on your Facebook feed are the ones you want to keep with you. There is no such thing as the captured moment, only a frozen one. Only ones where you have stopped being part of the moment and instead become part of a memory; it became a stolen shot.

They are the pictures, videos and tweets that take you out of the moment and prevent the memory from every really forming. It is the time you actually danced to the music rather than stood there filming. They are the moments you did not stop to take a picture.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain …

Time to die.

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