Money Power Glory / Geld Macht Ruhm / Dinheiro Poder Glória / Dinero Poder Gloria

You will meet people who made more money than most of us and then spent it all.

You will meet people who’s names you recognize and yet whose own families have forgotten their faces.

You will meet people who drive old cars and wear worn-out clothes and are worth millions.

You will meet people who want to smash your creativity and belittle your uniqueness to feel power.

You will meet people who are famous but also are the most lonely.

You will meet people who have traded success for fame.

You will meet people who have millions of fans and do not know how to pay next month rent.

Do not dream of another reality or try to be someone you are not, stop worrying about your status, and got on with your life, embrace your weirdness and be the strangest, strongest version of yourself you could possibly be.

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