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How Bad Do You Want It – How Great Are You – Just Do It – Unbroken – Be Phenominal – You Are A Champion – Prove Them Wrong – You Are Unstoppable – Never Give Up – Believe in Yourself – Desire – Change Your Mind – Dream – Become Successful – Lost But Won – Hero – Never Quit – You Are Limitless – Hard Times – Sacrifice – Through Hell – Revival – Potential – How Successful People Think – Invest In Yourself – Be Remembered – Nothing Will Stop You – Impossible Is Nothing – Stop Wasting Time – Destiny – You Will Win – Believe In Yourself – Driven – It Is Up To You – Rise – Remember Your Dream – Be Inspired – Nothing Will Stop You – Find Yourself – Do Not Give Up – Do Not Give In

Motivation Has Become A Business,

And Become An Obsession,

Your Business

And Your Obsession,

Motivation Has Become A Religion,

And Has Become A Drug,

Your Religion

And Your Drug

Will Not Change The World,

Your Obsession

And Your Business

Will Not Change The World,

Your World Will Change


Counsciosness Will Change


You Will Change Your Counsciosness


Put Food First, … (because)

Every Night Nearly One Billion People Go To Bed Hungry,

Every 10 Seconds A Child Will Die From Hunger,

10 Children …

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