Movement never Lies / Bewegung lügt Nie / Movimento nunca Mente / movimiento nunca Miente

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Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.

Yor body constantly gives you many signals for you to become aware. There are three things that you can trust with your body: first your breath, second is touch, and the third is movement. When you are either scared, angry or upset your natural instinct is to hold your breath and stop breathing.

The sensation of touch never lies and you know how it feels when someone that you love or loves you gives you a hug or places their hands on you, you just melt and never want to lose that connection.

The worse type of touch is when you get one of those fake hugs where there is no energy or sincerity in the hug that you receive.

The last is movement never lies. When someone is in pain, their movement is labored; when a child is happy, you can feel their excitement and energy. Pay attention to any tightness or restrictions that you feel in any of your movements.

Anytime there is a limitation in your range of motion or you experience tightness, it is the body’s response to any added stress that you are under.

By the time you experience pain it is too late, since you disregarded all the body’s attempts to get your attention. Pain is never fun, but is a great motivator for you to make the necessary changes that you normally would not do.

It has taken many years to develop ways you deal with stress; some good and some not so. Human nature does not like change and even when you experience even a positive shift we perceive in life, it can create tension and stress for us.

Take little steps in becoming more aware of choices that you make and how your body responds or reacts to certain situations and circumstances.

Observe if you find yourself holding your breath or feeling any restricted movements or even pain surfacing in different parts of your body. This is your body’s automatic response to stress and by being aware of your body will give you greater clarity of what is creating tension in your life.

Breathing, touch and movement brings you back into the present moment and allows you to connect with your body.

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