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It truly is a Zen experience, and I highly recommend watching this if you are in an anxious or stressful mood. The pure, sumptuous beauty of Moving Art will smoothe those troubled feelings.

Oceans, captures the fury and turbulence of the sea and its waves, contrasting it with the deep calm of interior lakes and ponds.

One can not help but be reminded of the tumult of Human emotions, which so closely resemble the fluidity of water.

Forests, truly offer an abundance of colour and texture in this film, comprising a collection of woodland scenes. There is something mystical about Forests.

Flowers, uses time-lapse to show the full life cycle of the flora featured in the film. Flowers is evocative and the images in this film provoke deep contemplation about time and creation.

Deserts, takes splendid use of optics and one is keenly aware of the interplay between light and dark. The stark subject matter makes Deserts more minimalistic and perhaps a little more subtle too.

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