My love letter to Planet Earth / Mein Liebesbrief an den Planeten Erde / Minha carta de amor ao planeta Terra / Mi carta de amor al planeta Tierra

I send you a little note to remind you how much I love you, appreciate you and respect you and your incredible beauty. We have come a long way, you and I. My heart is full of remorse about what is happening to you. You never asked for this.

Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, overfishing, our dependency on single-use plastics … the warning signs were all there. You are blameless in all of this, of course, this is a mess that we as Humans have created, and we can see that you are upset.

The extreme weather, the natural disasters, the droughts, the forest fires, the melting of the ice caps – things are indeed starting to spiral out of control.

I know you do not like plastic, it poisons your waters and gives nothing back to your ecosystem. I try hard to avoid plastic. It is also quite clear that too much carbon is entering your atmosphere. I try hard to avoid to add.

I know it is complicated and there are a million and one things left to do. I am not perfect, but I am doing my best and learning more each day. I am hoping that others are also starting to question their own ways and wants.

I really hope you will let us all back into your heart. Comfort has lead to complacency, and we have all been too comfortable for too long.

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