The internet acts for me as my personal time capsule. Picture are worth a thousand words. If there is a bit of truth in the saying then capturing your life with a timeline may be worth millions. Looking at your timeline you may see the positive and negative shifts along the way and rewire your brain to heal itself. Your brain has an innate capacity to make changes in positive, healing directions.

Your timeline is an opportunity to record vital information about your life and the past. See the themes that connect and cut across seemingly different events. Recognize achievements and losses, mistakes and opportunities, lessons, new wisdom, and realize the value of negative shifts as opportunities toward positive shifts.

Increase a sense of purpose by connecting life events in new ways. Find new meanings between your life at present in relation to your past and future. Understand how your experiences prepared you to face future challenges and how your responses to events have shaped your life and character (and not the events themselves).

Your story is powerful because your sense of self-worth lives in your storyline. Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful energies that shape your emotional responses to past life events, and thus have fashioned your story. Based on your conclusions about your self and others, the interpretations of your past that you continue to hold in mind operate as perception filters that continue to impact your life today.

When left to the part of the subconscious mind, toxic thinking and limiting beliefs can unnecessarily activate your defense strategies, which have a paralyzing effect on the otherwise amazing abilities of your brain for reflective thought.

Many have a great story in certain areas of their lives in which they enjoy some measure of success and happiness. Unless you learn to let go of your need for others’ approval to feel worthwhile, you will have difficulties in processing emotions of fear and anger in a way that allow your brain to engage natural integrative processes.

When you let of giving others power to define you, you create internal shifts, that allow you to take ownership of your story, to experience greater acceptance of your intrinsic value and worth. This shift in your experience of yourself activates dynamic processes of neural integration in your brain and body.