Names of God / Namen von Gott / Nomes de Deus / Nombres de Dios

There is great power in a name. It says who you are, it is what you are known by to all the people around you. Each name reveals something about your character.

There is nothing so powerful as the name of God. God’s names show many different ways in which he is there to help in times of need.

In a World that often feels chaotic and fear-filled, his name is the one to hold on to.

God is the only one who never changes. His character, his name remains the same throughout all generations. He is fully trustworthy, always powerful, forever loving, and constantly present within us.

If you need some extra reassurance, find it in his powerful name. He is the God of miracles and nothing is impossible for him.

Do not believe the lie that God is distant, too busy, that he does not care about you. That is not who his name says he is.

We hold the promise that his Love is everlasting, His mercy is new every morning, and his faithfulness is great.

Pray these truths back to him, focus on one each day, or write them down in a place where you can be constantly reminded of his awesome presence in your life.

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