Nature is telling Us / Die Natur sagt Uns / A natureza nos Diz / La naturaleza nos Dice

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For decades now you witnessed massive increases in Human population, global warming, famines and droughts, epidemics of unusual infections, diseases like the black plague, smallpox, and HIV, shifts in water distribution and the disappearance of ecosystems, forests, food and other natural resources.

Nature is telling that our World is in terrible trouble, and we are just beginning to feel her wrath. Human population has spiraled out of control. We are creating physical and social imbalances of enormous proportions.

Our success has put our World, not just ourselves, on a rollercoaster toward crisis. Human population is perhaps the greatest challenge of our century, or the millennium.

Science is based on evidence, not belief. Belief is accepting the unknowable. While nothing in science is ever totally settled, settled science occurs when there is overwhelming consensus on an issue.

Evidence that points towards action. The evidence of a changing climate and the consequences so catastrophic that our failure to act with resolve is a crime against future generations.

Catastrophic climate change is highly probable and unchecked climate change will be horrific. We are already dealing with some consequences of climate change.

Nature is telling us this in countless ways. The real threat to our economic well-being is not acting to prevent climate change, but the immense price we will pay for inaction.

We must change, nature is telling us, we must change. You must change, nature is telling you, you must change.

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