No Words / Keine Worte / Sem Palavras / Sin Palabras

By the advice of his father Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales went in the jungle to live there for about two years in complete solitude, with extreme food restriction and without any Human contact. No words.

After about two years he came back completely emaciated but mentally clear with his Icaros in his baggage, his personal healing songs, which he had received from the spirits of nature.

Icaros are the spiritual healing songs that Don Pedro sings for a whole night during a healing ceremony. When he sings, he heals.

He has received his songs from the spirit World, a kind of spiritual music therapy from a very fine spiritual World.

Don Pedro is a tree shaman. Tree shamans receive their spiritual knowledge from the spirits of the ancient jungle giants. Tree shamans are the representatives of the wisdom of the old World.

They are able to express the spirit of the medical people of the healing traditions most forcefully.

In the hierarchy of healing traditions in the Amazon they are the highest-ranking healers, they have the greatest powers. The old cultures in the Amazon did not know books.

Educational methods were geared to sharpen the senses over years with sophisticated, hard diets thus enabling the disciples to dialogue with the forces of nature using supernatural skills.

In 2004 Don Pedro started his project to reforest medicinal plants, campaigning for a lasting use of the gigantic rainforests in the Amazon.

He created in his camp a garden with approx. 80 varieties of medicinal plants and trees thus trying to preserve important medicinal plants of the rainforest.

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