Nothing else to Do / Nichts weiter zu Tun / Nada mais que Fazer / Nada más que Hacer

You lose what individualism you have,

if you have enough of course,

you retain some of it,

but most don’t have enough,

so they become watchers of game shows,

you know, things like that.

Then you work the 8 hour job

with almost a feeling of goodness,

like you’re doing something,

and you get married,

like marriage is a victory

and you have children

like having children is a victory,

but most things people do

are a total grind,




it’s something they have to do

because they have nothing else to do.

There is no glory in it,

no esteem, no fire,

their lives are flat and the Earth is full of them.

Sorry, but thats the way I see it.

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