Oblivion and Vapor / Vergessenheit und Dampf / Esquecimento e Vapor / Olvido y Vapor

Upon death, all your memories, your personality and whatever makes up your individuality ceases to exist. Individuality is not your most important feature.

You are not the same individual at different ages. It is all tied up by memories, but even so there are some memories from early childhood that do not persist.

Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion.

Even though you change all the time through life, you have the subjective experience of a continuous flow, and it is that subjective experience that ties everything up.

The big question is, can your subjective experience somehow survive physical death. The only empirical evidence we all have of physical reality is our subjective experience of it.

We can not even say space and time exists at all independently of our perception of it, simply because we can only perceive physical reality subjectively. So we must consider subjective experience as fundamental.

Another very important empirical evidence is the effects of anesthesia in Consciousness. Consciousness is a quantum effect that is interrupted by anesthesia. In other words, subjective experience of space and time literally cease during anesthesia and even so, it is miraculously reset again and again.

From the point of view of subjective experience there is no difference between death and unconsciousness, because the only difference being the time extension, in both cases there is no experience of time.

Perhaps the most important empirical evidence of possibility of a continuity of subjective experience independently of a physical body, is the very fact that we all have it even though we did not before we were born, or at least we can not access the memories of it.

In an infinite space and time, odds are that once it can happen it should happen a smaller infinity of times. After we die, we find ourselves like after a period under anesthesia and suffering from total amnesia. In other words, we are not the same individuals but nevertheless we are.

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