Ocean of Peace / Ozean des Friedens / Oceano da Paz / Océano de Paz

Within you, within your very heart, is an ocean of peace and stillness that never vacillates or changes despite the vicissitudes of life. You are that peace. You are that stillness. Everything other than this is an illusion.

A wave is ocean, and when it rises up, it is given the name ‘wave’.

When it is given this name, it is like it has an independent existence.

It seems to roll along the surface, which is all water – water flowing in water – and this we call a life.

Then it subsides and this is called death.

Nothing happened to the water. It is just a spontaneous movement, but because of the name and the form, it appears as separate existence.

All the while it is only the play of the water rising, flowing, subsiding – no story.

Mind makes the story by creating an illusory identity.

In true understanding, it is all one.

When the identity rises up, we call it life.

When it subsides, we call it death.

But really, if you look from the perspective of the pure Self, there is no such thing as autonomous, independent existence.

All actions are the actions of the ocean.

It is yourself that you must save. Save yourself – from yourself – and you save the World. It is yourself that needs fixing. Not fixing in the sense that there is anything inherently wrong with you; but in the sense that you have become confused about who and what you truly are.

If you remain true to your core values, are actively and authentically loving yourself, you will discover the peace you seek is already present and available. Not intellectually, but from the tangible shifts you will see unfolding around you and the experience of it in your day-to-day life.

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