Open your Mind / Öffne deinen Verstand / Abre a tua Mente / Abre tu Mente

Open Your Mind to Transcendent Experiences –

Every decision you make in life is based on your belief. To Open your Mind, start to list your fundamental beliefs, and for each one ask yourself why you believe it.

Then ask yourself whether you could imagine being you, if you did not exactly believe it anymore, but believed something marginally different.

Ask some really good friends what they believe and how they acquired their beliefs.

Your belief is absolutely unique to you; your friend’s belief is unique to them. An open mind is comfortable with differences and with using a variety of lenses to view an issue.

Open your mind about something once a month. Whether that is learning more about a group of people you used to dislike, losing an argument and admitting you were wrong, or even just watching Mythbusters and realizing that you were wrong about one of the myths.

If you learn to enjoy improving yourself and understanding more about the World, then every time you open your mind will feel fun and enlightening.

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