Open your wings and Fly / Öffne Deine Flügel und Fliege / Abra suas asas e Voe / Abre tus alas y Vuela

You think change but are inactive. You desire change but just contemplate. You dream of change but complain most of the time.

Complaining in itself is not a bad thing if it is a way to initiative a process of change. You need to have a right diagnosis in order to know where the problem lies. You also need to know a therapy to address the cause of the problem. Afterwards comes action.

Yet, very often, this step is often missing. Because in the implementation lies all the real challenge. Once you try to put your words into deeds, you encounter obstacles, face hardships, fear defeats.

The ultimate question is not what is out there, but what is in you.

Frustration is welcome only if it leads to a constructive, meaningful action. If it satisfies itself in whining and appeals to others to make a change for you, there will be no change or, if there is one initiated from outside, it will not meet your needs. It is up to you to make a change that will satisfy you. 

The question is how much we trust ourselves to be able, and willing, and persistent, and courageous, are determined to make a change.

How deeply we care and how seriously we are willing to invest ourselves in the effort.

The key to the answer lies in us, not the perceived strength of the other.

There are obvious limitations, but they are only a starting point.

The shortcomings can be remedied and compensated if there is a burning desire to succeed, to make a dream turn into reality.


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