Other people can’t make you happy / Andere Leute können dich nicht glücklich Machen / Outras pessoas não podem te fazer Feliz / Otras personas no pueden hacerte Feliz

If you hope that other people will make you happy, you have put your happiness into very risky hands. Other people will sooner make you miserable than happy, when you put your happiness in their hands.

You may assume that you will be happy when you fall in Love with the right person. Someone who will really love you back and understand you. And then it happens.

And you are happy all the way up to the first fight. Or the first time your Love is in a bad mood. Or they flirt with someone else. Or whatever. Then everything collapses. And you are unhappy again.

Neither a perfect lover nor a perfect boss can make you happy. Or a new friend. Or an alien. Other people will sooner make you miserable than happy.

Many unintentionally and many on purpose. Because they are just humans like you are. Much like you make others’ lives tougher if you are unhappy.

Because people have to listen to all your bitching, whining and complaining, while deep inside they might hope you will make them happy.

You can not make other people permanently happy, other people can not make you a happier person, but they can surely make you unhappy.

You should avoid people who make your life miserable intentionally or are zombies or energy vampires.

And you should surround yourself with happy, encouraging and supportive people who bring out the best in you. While doing that, make sure you are not infecting them with your unhappiness.

You should expect that even the loveliest people, even the most positive living beings, will hurt you from time to time.

So you should always have a center on yourself, and be aware that your happiness should not depend on other people.

If you cut out of your life all the negative people who drag your happiness level down, it may be a solution to being happier in life. But unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

You will find other things to be unhappy about or attract other assholes who will make you unhappy again. The outside World, including your relationships, only mirrors your inner emotional state and processes.

If you are unhappy, it is very hard to have happy relationships. And if you were a happy person, you would have ditched the negative people in your life a long time ago.

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