Our environment is our Life / Unsere Umwelt ist unser Leben / Nosso meio ambiente é nossa Vida / Nuestro medio ambiente es nuestra Vida

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Everything in existence is connected, the animate and the inanimate; the elements of air, water, and earth, Human beings, animals, and plants. Only if we keep our environment well, can we live well. The quality of our living environment has a direct impact on our health and well-being.

An unspoiled environment is a source of satisfaction, improves your mental well-being, allows you to recover from the stress of everyday life and to perform physical activity. Having access to green spaces is an essential part of quality of your life.

Our economies rely on natural resources such as water, timber, fisheries, plants and crops. Protecting our environment and natural resources therefore remains a long-term priority for both our generation and those to come.

Even with only a small and modest accumulated wealth you want to leave something to your children. But what if money or property were insufficient to guarantee security for your children?

What if no amount of money in the World would assure them a livable climate, fresh air, safe drinking water and an escape from flood or drought?

With the vital resources in short supply, you may think that the wealthy might be in a better position to provide for themselves, but ultimately, there is no escape from a less livable planet.

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