Overpopulation and Democracy / Überbevölkerung und Demokratie / Superpopulação e Democracia / Sobrepoblación y Democracia

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Overpopulation is what’s driving us crazy. All other problems, toxic waste disposal, epidemic disease, resource extraction, degradation of the environment, collapse of the atmosphere, inability to satisfy third-world aspirations. All of these problems are population problems.

And capitalism doesn’t want to talk about it because capitalism is not a human being. Capitalism is a Moloch, a god, a god of bloody sacrifice that sees human beings as ants. And the more ants there are, the more offerings there can be to Moloch, but this is not a good situation for us ants. Capitalism is a gun pointed at the head of global civilization.

If you read the theoreticians of capitalism, Adam Smith and so forth, capitalism assumes an unlimited exploitable frontier. There is no such creature, so it has turned pathological. The only frontier now left to exploit is not a frontier in space, but a frontier in time. We steal the future from our children by plunging massively deeper and deeper into debt. But this frontier, the end is in sight, and when we hit that wall we will join the Eastern Bloc in a fundamental reappraisal of our situation.

Democracy I believe in. I think democracy is the psychedelic form of government because I don’t see it as a product of rational thought. I see it as institutionalized anarchy. Democracy is biology managed for human purposes. It honors the biological unit, it takes the biological unit and gives it a vote, and that’s a way for mother nature to then enter into human history. I mean I’m fairly mystical about democracy, sort of like William Blake.

I think that we have to consciously deconstruct the constipated, classical, industrial, linear, dominator civilization that we’re trapped inside because it’s a vehicle we can’t steer. It’s glued to the tracks which run right over the cliff. If we cannot alter the assumptions of this society, if the George Bush’s and Helmut Kohl’s of this world are going to continue to run things, then head for the bunkers folks and pray, because the bunkers aren’t going to be any consolation. 

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